Sunday, September 3, 2023

Quilted Pouch with Sleeve

I felt I needed to add a small item with the laptop sleeve I made for my friend. I really want to learn how to install a zipper on my projects, so I thought a small pouch would be nice. She could use it as a pencil case or other knick-knacks. It would fit the pocket of the sleeve too. 

I decided to match it with the laptop sleeve, so I didn't change the design anymore. I had the fabric on my sewing basket, so I finished everything in one evening. It was a small piece, but nonetheless challenging when it came to adding the lining. I had to re-watch my quilted tote bag video to figure it out. I did it wrong the first time, so ended up doing it again, haha. Just remember to slip in the right side of the pouch with the lining facing the wrong side out (note for myself!). 

Here's the tutorial:

The steps:

1. Plan, design and cut the fabric.

2. Piece together. Start with the middle part, then add the outer sides.

3. Iron both sides. 

4. Sandwich with wadding and backing fabric. 

5. Pin to stabilize and stitch in the ditch.

6. Clean the sides.

7. Add the zipper.

8. Sew the edges together from the wrong side. 

9. Add the lining. Pull out the pouch from the open side of the lining. 

10. Close the open side of the lining.


Little twin stars fabric

4 pastel solid color fabric

backing fabric





9" x 5"

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