Monday, October 30, 2023

Scrap Fabric Project: DIY Tablet Case

Just realized I need to catch up writing about the other scrap fabric projects I did. Most of the time I have so much fun sewing I forget about the documentation part. I've been documenting and filming my projects so in case I want to do it again I can take note of points I can improve on. Quilting and sewing is a continuous learning journey for me. It's also been helping me heal from losing my Mom. 

I unearthed all my scrap fabric a few weeks ago. Gathered them up and sorted them. It was actually harder to plan scrap fabric projects. The challenge lay in the sizes of the scrap fabric and how it could fit what I wanted to do. For this project, I got some inspiration from a quilting magazine on bags. I just wanted a simple design that would work on the scrap fabric I had on hand. 

Here's the tutorial:


scrap fabric and scrap binding

thick wadding

backing fabric


pins and clips 


9" x 11"