Sunday, April 8, 2018

Quilt Project: Cat Pillowcase

I like checking out quilt projects on Pinterest. I've been checking out animal designed quilt projects and found this easy to make cat design. I then thought I'd make it for a couple who loves cats.

For the quilt I decided to use a set of fabric my Mom got for me from the US. The rulers I bought from trips made it easy to make the template.

It took me a few nights to finish the set of cat pillowcases and managed to give it to my friends last night. Here's Shirni with the cat pillowcase -

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Quilt Project: Wonder Woman Bag

I found this really nice fabric from Spotlight and thought I'd make a project for friends who love Wonder Woman.

I thought about making a bag and realized that for character fabric it's better not to cut it up into small pieces. I decided to put it as a spread so that the design can be better appreciated. I matched it with light colored jeans-like fabric since the Wonder Woman fabric had a vintage tinge to it.

I had fun piecing together this project. I was stuck in the San Francisco Airport for a couple of hours waiting for my next flight. I parked myself in the food area to kill time. I made two sets to give as gifts for my friends.

It just took me a few more nights to finish the project. The most difficult part was putting the strap on and making sure that the zipper was evenly placed.

Here are the measurements of the fabric:

Wonder Woman fabric - 2 pieces - 7" x 12"
Bottom - 2 pieces - 2" x 12"
Sides - 4 pieces - 9" x 1.5"
Base - 15" x 3"