Monday, September 11, 2023

Scrap Fabric Project 1: Potholder

I decided to work on the scrap fabric I collected over the past few years. Aside from small pieces, I have some that are already pieced together. I set aside the excess pieces and thought it would be useful eventually. Found some of the pieced together denim-like fabric I used for the cat quilts. 

Decided to make a potholder since I need new ones. I finished the project in one sitting since it was practically ready to be quilted. I also used scrap wadding and scrap insulating wadding for the project. I also had leftover bias tape. I would have finished faster if I didn't need to film, lol

Here's the tutorial:

The steps:

1. Measure and cut the fabric.

2. Sandwich with wadding, insulating wadding and backing fabric. (I doubled it just to make it a bit thicker, but the insulating wadding would have been enough to keep heat out). 

3. Stitch in the ditch.

4. Prepare the backside of the potholder. Split into two pieces and fold in one side of both pieces. 

5. Align the front side with the backside, then bind with bias tape.


scrap fabric


insulating wadding

backing fabric

fabric for backside of potholder



8" x 6"

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