Sunday, June 11, 2023

Food Processor Quilt Cover Assembly

I worked on the front cover first of this project. I was inspired by a pinterest pin to create two cute cats. See previous posts on how I created the base and put on the cat face. I took my time to finish it since I had to figure out how to create it from scratch. 

The trick to making quilt covers for your appliances/gadgets is to create it in panels. That way it's easier to bind them together. Binding the panels just took one afternoon. It helps to prepare your bias tape ahead of time.

Here's a short tutorial -


1. Finish the front panel. 

2. Create the back panel with pocket. 

3. Make the main panel that will combine the front and back panel. 

4. Clip and sew the front panel. Do the same for the back panel.

5. Clip wrong side of binding. Sew.

6. Finish the binding. 

See also part 1 and part two of this project:

Part 1:

Part 2:

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