Wednesday, August 9, 2023

DIY Blender Quilt Cover (Cat with Tail)

Decided to use the "cat with tail" pinterest inspired design to make a cover for my blender. The challenge in making this project was figuring out how to attach the tail to the cover, so I procrastinated for awhile before I continued the project. 

Finally finished the quilt cover early this week. I added a back pocket for the cover for added storage. I just used the same denim strips to combine the two ends of the cover. It worked out pretty much like the KitchenAid quilt cover and the food processor cover. Now I have three cute cat quilt covers in my kitchen! 

A friend suggested I should make cat potholders to match the quilt covers. I think I'll do that too! 

Here's the tutorial:

The steps how I combined the different sides:

1. Create the following parts of the cover: front cover with design, the back cover with pocket, and the main cover (this is the one that combines the front and the back).

*I've included in the tutorial video above how to make the bowtie.

2. Attach the tail to the cat. 

3. To make it easier to bind the whole cover. Sew the three parts together. 

4. Bind :)


fabric (various blue denim patchwork fabric)
buttons for eyes
white fabric for the bowtie
fabric for binding
wadding (I used a comforter we retired)
backing fabric


6" x 9.5" x 16.5"


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