Sunday, April 23, 2023

Pinterest Inspired Cat Quilt

I wanted to learn how to do non-block quilting, so I turned to Pinterest for inspiration. I saw a lot of designs I want to try making, but I had to learn how to quilt odd shaped fabric. I started by making mug rugs. I made a cupcake and butterfly mug rug, so I could practice sewing curves. Eventually found several cat designed quilts which I thought should be challenging to make. 

I chose from the different cat designs I pin and decided to start with this pin. I couldn't access the website where it came from, so I just made it from scratch. I made a bag the first time I tried this pin and thought I'd use the design again for a kitchen project I'm making. In time I plan to combine this cat design with other cat designs to make a lap quilt.

Here's a tutorial:

Here are the steps on how I made the quilt:

1. Draw the design based on the measurements of your project. 

2. Trace the design with tracing paper and cut it by piece.

3. Use the cut piece to make a template using a board (I just used an old box). 

4. Select your fabric. 

5. Use the template wrong side up to draw the piece. 

6. Cut with 1/4 inch allowance. 

7. Piece together the cut fabric. 

8. Iron both sides and fold in the head and ears. 

9. Put the design on your base fabric. 

10. Sandwich with batting and pin. 

11. Quilt :)

12. Add the buttons.

13. Embroider the whiskers and nose.

14. Embroider a message, I added "meow" at the bottom (optional)


1 white printed fabric

7 blue printed fabric in different hues

4 blue thread in different hues

black embroidery thread

6 buttons

base fabric


backing fabric



10" x 14"


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