Monday, April 3, 2023

How to Make Kitchen Curtains

Summer rolled in so fast! Needed to make new curtains for our kitchen window. I shied away from having our curtains custom made because it's so expensive! Found out I could make my own for a small fraction of the cost. Making my own curtains also allows me to experiment on the fabric. 

Found some Swissdot fabric on Lazada. I thought it was cute. The shop had 26 different colors. Settled for "oatmeal" since it would go with anything. Here's how I made the kitchen curtains. It only took me two nights to finish it. 


5 yards Swissdot fabric

Beige thread


Base (height of window) - 115 cm

add for fold (top) - 3 cm

add for fold (bottom) - 3 cm

add for rod fold - 10 cm

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