Monday, March 19, 2018

Craft Shop in the United States: Michaels

I just recently spent a week in New York City. I didn't have much time to go around but made it a point to visit at least one craft store. I decided to visit Michael's since my Mom had visited the same shop when she was in Virginia a few months ago.

The branch I went to was located in bustling 6th Street. I'm always excited when I visit a new store so I rushed in and promptly looked for the sewing section. There was the usual sewing materials - rulers, pins, scissors, fabric cuter, buttons etc.

Thread. I love that they had a lot of DMC thread options.

There were not too many fabric options though...

But there were lots and lots of yarn.

Quilting magazines and books were available too.

There was a lot of fabric paint too and inexpensive shirts and bags you can customize.

Ribbons and a nice section for weddings.

Finally found some colored fabric pens.

If you get bored just go to Michaels and I'm sure you'll find something to do. Aside from crafts, there was also a section for baking, frames, decorating, some toys, woodwork, and for scrapbook folks there was a lot of stickers/tapes/paper.

Hubby would've loved the stamp selections.

The friendly cashier was happy to hear that it was my first time to visit Michaels and said they do have a wide selection of stuff. I'd probably come back if I wanted to try other crafts. The mini-embroidery projects were quite interesting. I was so tempted to buy.

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