Thursday, March 22, 2018

Quilt Project: Pillowcases for Dr. Koo

My quilt projects are usually made for a purpose. Last Christmas I thought I'd quilt for my family and friends. I underestimated the time I needed to make it so I'm still working on some until now (haha). I found some fabric that I thought would be perfect for my cardiologist. I bought it at Quilting Bee in Mountain View, California.

I went for a very simple pattern so that the lines and hearts on the fabric would be better appreciated. I matched it with black fabric and red fabric with thin squiggly lines. I bought the red fabric from Fabric Outlet in San Francisco. 

Piecing together the pillowcase was quite easy and I finished two sets of three in less than two weeks. The other set is for my surgeon Dr. Shankar. Dr. Koo was really happy about my gift he immediately pulled out a pillow from his examination table and put it inside the pillowcase. He wanted me to sign the pillowcases haha. I have a photo with him looking very happy, but he asked not to post it online. I'm really happy that I made him happy with my simple gift.

Update: My cardio has just sent me an email. He really had the pillowcase framed! And it's now hanging in his office "hall of fame".

Project Name: Hand Quilted Dr. Koo's Pillowcase
Fabric Used: ECG hearts fabric, red fabric with squiggly lines, black fabric
Size: 14" x 14"

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