Saturday, March 4, 2023

Huge Appliance Quilt Cover

My doctor required me to have my own oxygen concentrator. I didn't expect it to be so big! I don't use it often, so thought it would be good to keep it covered. I took it as an opportunity to make a new quilt project. 

I was raring to finish my t-shirt memory quilt at that time, so wanted to quickly finish the cover for my huge appliance. I used my favorite rainbow colored fabric and just cut it in squares for easy piecing. My measurement for the size was wrong, so I just added a black strip to make the cover a bit bigger.

Like the food processor cover I made, I decided to add pockets. In case of emergency it would be useful to have the components of the O2 concentrator accessible. It took me less than two weeks working on this project off and on. My favorite part was quilting. The difficult part was getting the measurements right and binding the whole project together. It got quite heavy. 

Here's a tutorial video on how I made it:


Rainbow fabric, cut into squares

black fabric for the base and binding

backing fabric



lots of pins and clips


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