Sunday, August 22, 2021

Purchased My First Designer Fabric: Mister Domestic

I'm honestly clueless about designer fabric. I just got wind of it from quilting groups when they mention the name of fabric collections they use. Honestly, I'm still clueless haha. Probably because in my side of the world (in Southeast Asia), quilting isn't really a thing. Most of the quilting news I read about are Western. I've started following some influencers on IG and discovered Mister Domestic a few months ago. 

I super love Matthew's energy. I also just discovered his YouTube channel where he shares some project tutorials. From his posts I came across his fabric designs. I wanted to get some. I couldn't get it from Spotlight or other local online stores. I finally found some via Amazon. It was the "Catch & Release" bundle. Here's my "unboxing video" --

I plan to use this for my summer quilt project next year. I'm planning to make a set of sea-related quilts to pay homage to the beach family trips we used to do when I was growing up. It's gonna be fun!

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