Saturday, June 6, 2020

Gigantic Wonder Woman Quilt Blanket

I finished this Wonder Woman quilt blanket project in less than three weeks. I had this crazy idea in early November to make a quilt blanket for friends who were tying the know in early December. I first worked on a very simple design since I was pressed for time to finish the project.

Theme: Wonder Woman (bride's favorite character)
Colors: selected to highlight the design and be a happy color
Design: squares
Size: king (I'll probably never do this size again)

I had to travel quite a bit also in November so I only really got to start it two weekends before the wedding. I spent one weekend just cutting fabric. The next weekend piecing it together with a sewing machine. And brought it back to Manila from Singapore. Crammed like crazy by hand four days before the wedding. I finished it in the wee hours of the morning before the wedding.

My original plan was to use my Mom's sewing machine to quilt and add the binding. Lo and behold she sent me her 25+ year old 110-volts sewing machine! I ended up finishing everything by hand and here's how my thimble looked like by the time I finished -

I burned the midnight oil to finish the project because it was important for me to give something from my heart. The blanket was so huge it didn't fit the box I bought! I enlisted the help of friends to lay out the blanket in the couple's room during the reception. We snuck in the room and successfully surprised them when they went back to their room after the wedding. Here's a video of how we successfully snuck it in -

I have a super cute photo of the bride and groom rolling around the quilt, but they're very private people, so this photo should suffice :)

It's been almost six months now since I finished that project and I'm just slowly going back to my evening quilting hobby. I'm working on another quilt blanket project for another couple who had their church wedding almost a year ago now (yup! I haven't finished the project!). I hope to finish it before their first church wedding anniversary. In the meantime I'l share first the projects I made in the last two years.

Welcome back to my blog!

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