Friday, November 3, 2017

Quilting Shops in Australia: Lincraft

I made it a point to visit craft shops whenever I travel so I could compare the fabric produced locally. I was happy to find out that quilting is a common hobby in Australia. This meant they have several craft shops locally which sell quilt materials. I immediately searched for the biggest one.

Lincraft is one of the most popular craft stores in Australia. They have several branches across the country. I visited the branch in Sydney and Melbourne. The fabric available were the more common ones so I focused my time in checking out accessories.

I went to the branch on York Street and was happy to see that they had a huge floor area. My husband and son went with me and they immediately went to the toy store. I spent about an hour exploring what Lincraft had to offer for crafters.


The first thing I checked were the rulers. They are very expensive in Singapore and thought it would be cheaper to buy elsewhere. I've been doing everything manually since that's how my Mom taught me. I have a collection of homemade patterns I use. This means my edges are not accurately sized. I've yet to learn though how to properly use the rulers and will probably take lessons on Craftsy. I picked up a "Circle and Scallop Ruler" and a "Measuring Gauge". I told myself I'll invest in the bigger rules once I know how to use it.

For those still learning how to quilt, I previously surived without these fancy rulers with an ordinary school ruler. I'd use old plastic folders and thick cardboards to create patterns. It was useful for simple squares and triangles. I still only hand quilt, but I'm now taking some online lessons to learn how to machine quilt.


As I mentioned the fabric selection was just very basic. I like kawaii fabric (character fabric/cartoons etc.). The selections were more appropriate for dress making than quilting, but they had a nice selection of fat quarters. The price though is cheaper than in Singapore.

Lincraft has a great selection of lace and it's arranged by color! Other shops don't have these much selection.

Lincraft had a gazillion yarns in different sizes and much cheaper compared to Singapore. I sometimes crochet, but don't know how to knit. I have a friend though who creates awesome crochet projects so I got her a couple of yarns. 

What I really appreciated at Lincraft was the wide variety of craft books available. I get a lot of inspiration from leafing through books, Pinterest and following quilters on Instagram. I ended up buying a couple of books that were on sale.

Of course, various other sewing knick knacks were available like these sewing kits. They didn't have too many options though.

Fabric glue which is unheard of for me. In my country there's only Elmer's glue which you can use for any craft item.

Beads! I know where to get these at very, very inexpensive prices.

Fortunately managed to keep myself form buying more scissors! Like my Mom I just absolutely need to have scissors in every room.

Thread! So far, same price anywhere I go.

Of course, several shelves dedicated for painters.

I'll probably need this in a few years!

I also visited Lincraft in Melbourne, so the photos above are a mix of items from their Sydney and Melbourne branches. Here's how the front of the store in Melbourne looks like.

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