Sunday, April 30, 2017

Quilting Journey Begins

I decided to start quilting again 2 years ago (March 7, 2017). I felt I was spending too much time online and need an avenue to be creative. I decided to quilt again because of my circumstances. I was away from my family and couldn't travel as much anymore. My living quarters was tiny because I was in a shared flat. I didn't really have much time. Knitting was out of the question since I don't know how to knit. I wasn't too interested in doing crochet projects. My tiny beading kit was just parked in my closet and I have not been using fashion accessories anymore. So that left me with quilting.

I was not sure that I would really commit to it so I told myself I should not spend much on starting a quilt project. I decided to start small. A tiny colorful pouch. Cut the fabric into tiny squares, put them together, added wadding and the backing and promptly realized that I did not actually know how to finish a quilt project. It was my Mom who always took care of the final binding. Promptly used Google and YouTube to help figure out how to finish my project and finished the pouch over the weekend.

I was thrilled. My stitches though were not even and the project would not have passed my Mom's minimum quality level so I was challenged. Started work on a tablet case since I just got a new tablet. Still not happy with my stitches so I tried again and made a Chromebook (laptop) sleeve. It was a bit better.

After a few attempts I showed Mom my handiwork. She was really happy that I started to quilt again and said that I did well, but I should practice more.

Mom inspecting my handiwork.

There's a lot of resources nowadays to learn new things. The only training I had for quilting was through my Mom. I used to have a couple of books, but they all went under water during Typhoon Ondoy in 2009, so I did the next best thing -- browse through books in the nearest bookstore. I also started reading articles on quilting using Google and watched a couple of videos on YouTube. Ahhh, vast free resources! I learned a lot from reading and watching videos. Many say that it's easier to use a sewing machine, but I'm still more comfortable sewing by hand. 

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